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“Gorge”ous Ronda


Ronda manages to combine kitsch tourist shops with dramatic views. The town is built on the edges of very steep and high cliffs, and was one of the last Muslim strongholds in their war with the Christians. It is the busiest tourist area we have visited so far, this due to the fact that it makes a good day trip from the Costa Del Sol. The center of the town has beautiful old buildings well preserved. You can also visit the old bull fighting ring, for a reasonable entry fee.

The odd moment of the day was watching an Afrikaans mother and daughter fight over a camera in harsh guttural tones while a busker played sweet harp music in the background.

It is definitely worth a visit, just get there early. Parking is easier on the southern side of the town.

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We waved at Africa today from Tarifa, wonderful to see the homeland if only from afar. Tarifa is windy! And subsequently very popular with kite surfers, looks like a funky, relaxed beachside town. Unspoilt coastline worth exploring if you have time.

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