Today we stopped at Bolzano to see its most famous archeological discovery – the Iceman or, as he is locally known, “Otzi”. He was mummified 5300 years ago and is now kept in a freezer and visible through a small window. The find in 1991 has given archeologists a clearer idea of how man lived in those times. They have Otzi’s clothes on show; it is incredible how much has survived, and quite amazing to see how advanced man was, even back then. There are some English translations on the displays but if you want to get the most out of the museum your best bet is to rent an audio guide for €2.

After leaving Bolzano we had a very scenic drive to the Val di Non – apple country! We had timed it perfectly as the apple season has just started and huge bags of delicious fresh apples were available for bargain basement prices. Many food items had to vacate the fridge so that a massive carton of apple juice could be shoved unceremoniously into its depths 🙂