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Nimes, a traffic clogged, ugly city from the outside has amazing Roman architecture at its heart.  To get to the old town we cycled along a stinky canal and narrowly avoided colliding with a monster cane rat that could have eaten Odie for breakfast.

We primarily wanted to see the amphitheater, but during the summer months the venue is used for concerts.  Jamiroquai got to see the inside of the amphitheatre but we didn’t!  The other Roman buildings, monuments and park more than made up for it though.  If you are going to see the main Roman attractions in Nimes, get hold of a billet de Nimes which will reduce your entry fees.

We have struggled with internet access in France. Today we bought an international wifi roaming passport from BT Openzone only to find that it won’t co-operate with the local wifi suppliers.  There is an internet cafe in Nimes with relatively cheap access, but mind you don’t trip over the mess of cables or the tourists snoozing in the corner.



We are now keen to head back towards France so some frantic driving has ensued.  A long day with changing terrain saw us return to mountains with spectacular views.  The Sierra Espuna is popular with climbers and there are some dramatic granite monoliths to traverse.  We went for the easy option of navigating the hair pin bends by van to appreciate the view.

Wi-fi (or whiffy as the Spanish pronounce it) is intermittent and you can never be sure what the speed will be like at campsites.  The campsite in El Berro was a very relaxed, family-run affair, but the facilities were a bit basic.  This meant no TV in the bar so, in order to watch the footie and tennis, we turned to online sources.  Much to our frustration we couldn’t even tune in to an internet radio station without many frequent pauses at critical moments.  It’s not often I want to watch anything on TV but I am gutted to be missing out on all the sporting events this week.

There is a big Jesus statue that looks after El Berro and its residents, in Rio style which is lit up at night.  After shielding our eyes against the massive spotlights we enjoyed a wonderful view of Murcia and its twinkling lights.

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