Sierra Panorama

The view from the top of our walk, click for a full size version

We awoke to the wonderful view and continued our fight from the previous night with the gas for the fridge.  After dismantling half the van we worked out that the pilot light was dirty.  A good clean later means we can now free camp without worrying that all our supplies will go off.  Thank goodness it was not an issue with the gas pipes.

We wanted to make the most of the Sierra Nevada so turned back along the bumpy road and found a hill that looked like it needed to be climbed.  I forgot the water bottle in the van so our 3 hour journey up and up and up was a thirsty one.  We were rewarded with almost the same view we had from our freecamping site.  Turns out not so much sweat is needed only diesel is required.  On the way down my worst fears were realised, well almost worst as I nearly stood on a snake hiding in some pine needles.  It slithered off once my blood curdling scream awoke it from its slumber.