TheĀ  beach at Rogil is surrounded by very crumbly cliffs. Odie barked madly at falling rocks, convinced there were little animals moving about just out of view. Chris was no better, squealing and dashing away from the cliffs as rocks fell, then performing hasty u-turns and more squeals as waves rushed up the beach toward her.

Wine, BBQ and a seaside sunset, what's not to like?

The fallen rocks are inlaid with seams of quartz, some look like an iced doughnut, others have fully formed crystalline structures. We had fun assembling them into different formations.

There are many places to stop along the cliff-side roads. We found a suitable spot and fired up the barbeque. It’s become something of a tradition so far to cook meat over a fire for dinner. We’re not complaining, and neither is Odie!

Odie watches eagerly as Chris BBQs outside ...