The Alpujarra valleys have been home to some popular English writers, I had read ‘Driving over Lemons’ and wanted to visit the area that Chris Stewart calls home.  The scenery in these hills is diverse.  To the East there are wooded hills and rushing rivers, to the the West endless vistas of sky and rock.  The weather was hot and as David was tired we ended up driving through most of the

valleys on a very scenic mountainous road.  Numerous white villages stack themselves up on hillsides to provide a contrast to the roughly hewn, rocky terrain.  We had a welcome break in Trevelez, the home of Serrano ham and had to buy some samples to try out.  As usual

in Spain the shops are littered with pigs legs hanging from the ceiling by their the trotters’ for maximum visual effect.

That night we found the most magical free camping spot.  After a dicey journey along a bumpy pass in the Sierra Nevada we came upon an old mountain road that was clearly not used.  The large number of rocks littering the way indicated we wouldn’t be bothered by cars but we were sure to park away from anything that looked too precarious.  The view overlooked rolling hills and down on to an almost 180 degree vista of grass covered plains.  As night fell the stars came out above and below the huge wind farm started to twinkle in competition with the stars.