After a frantic and sleepless night following the carbon monoxide incident we thought that a leisurely stroll around the countryside would calm our nerves.  Unfortunately the dirt bikers were out in force, smashing up beautiful butterflies in their spokes and converting our walking path into a dust bath. We cut our losses and drove on to Nimes (of denim fame … de nime) and discovered that France shuts down completely on Sundays – in fact supermarkets even take out massive billboards to advertise if they open on Sunday mornings as it is so unusual.

We decided to turn back to the Pont du Gard area and camped in a lovely site next to the Gard river and filled with cicada trees.  In a moment of blondness I reversed the van directly into a tree and bent our bike rack and my bike! Thankfully the damage wasn’t too bad and with the assistance of some rocks and thick branches David was able to form some semblance of straightness out of the rack.

The Pont du Gard is an incredible Roman aqueduct. It’s hard to describe the magnificence of this ancient monument so I will let David’s photos do the talking!  Huge arches (I counted 35 new blocks in an arch of 200) have been standing since 5 BC.  The tourists were out in droves and, combined with a hot day, made for a lot of sweating people dodging. There are plenty of shady paths along the riverside though, and we paddled in the clear, icy currents to cool down.