We drove into Rodes to check out the terrain the day before the Tour de France came through town.  A fantastic park along the river and walkway provided a stunning backdrop for our picnic.  We explored the area and eventually found a great freecamping spot lakeside along with 35 other motorhomes.

We got up at the crack of dawn for the Tour de France, and spent 6 hours waiting at the roadside for the cyclists, who, when they finally arrived, flew past us in less than a minute. However the floats that preceded the riders were worth the wait and we left loaded with various goodies including some sexy spotty Carrefour caps : )

The rest of day was spent driving eastwards and we free-camped at a wild spot with stunning viewpoint.  A windy night meant we closed all the windows for the first time and only left one of our vents open. We were rudely awoken at 2am when our carbon monoxide alarm went off. Although it was loud enough to wake anyone within a ten mile radius I still took it upon myself to shout in David’s ear and shake him vigorously. 🙂

We have deduced that the van doesn’t have enough of an air flow to clear the gas from our fridge and therefore need to leave both vents open.  If you are travelling in a motorhome with gas then get an alarm, it is well worth the small cost.