Granada is a fantastic city: amazing architecture, history and a backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.  As we have Odie we were limited with what we could see of the Alhambra. It is best to get there as early as possible especially if you want a ticket to visit the best bits. We took the bus and were horrified to discover that dogs are put into the luggage section. Poor Odie was terrified, being thrown around in the dark as the driver lurched the bus down steep winding mountain roads. No more bus rides for him, next time we will drive.

Gas can be a real problem for travellers and our dinky UK 4.5kg bottle has done us well, lasting over a month. However, as we want to free camp more, we went in search of another one in the village up the road. The lovely lady running the hardware and general store didn’t speak any English so some charades ensued. She was baffled by the adaptors that I took along but eventually understood what we were miming and we managed to purchase both the adaptor and bottle. The adaptor is completely different to the ones in the UK; a big clip-on thing, and the massive 12kg bottle should last us several months.

In the evening we went to watch the Flamenco (albeit a rather tourist oriented version) in the Albaycin. Although it’s not 100% authentic it is very entertaining.

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