After the hustle and bustle of Ronda we experienced a very contrasting quietness at the lakes near El Churro, and wild-camped for the first time. We found a spot under a tree just off the road. We were a bit nervous at first having read stories about people getting into trouble for wild camping. Our fears were put to rest when a police car drove past us, just before sunset, but took no notice of us.

I found plenty of things to photograph, including some giant dandelions which left Chris panting like a marathon runner having gotten a few seeds into the air. Now we know what pixies go through when they blow the little ones.

A nearby recreation center offers kayaking and peddle boating which we took advantage of. €10 gets you an hour on the lake. For free entertainment you can swim in the bright blue water or pull into one of the many stopping areas along the lakeside roads for a picnic.