After an unevenful ferry crossing from Dover to Calais we have settled into driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. It only takes a couple of near misses to get used to doing things the ‘right’ way round and now we are religious about checking our blindspot. We were apprehensive about driving a RHD in Europe but it is surprisingly easy although having a passenger helps when you pull out and to deal with ticket booths.

We spent the day driving and driving, trying to get to Spain as quickly as possible for the wedding. We covered an impressive 500km, that’s impressive as we are now in a 10 year old transit with almost 3.5 tonnes behind it.

Our first night was in an aire, a free camp site for motorhomes. This had a lovely setting by a park. David went for a little wander and followed a path into some woodland only to discover little treats littering the ground! Clearly some campers don’t have an onboard loo.

Aires are wonderful stop overs for people on a budget: