We are looking for a campervan in the £15 – 20k range.  Man they are hard to come by.  The market tends to focus on the 25K+ or under 10k.

Before starting our search I found a couple of very useful books that I would recommend if you are a first time buyer:

Motorhomes the Complete Guide:

Go Motorhoming Europe:

We are looking at the state of the vehicle and the home layout.  A lot of first time buyers change their motorhome within 12 months because the layout bugs them with everyday use.  As we will be living out of ours it is vital to get this right.  The most important elements for us are:

  1. Work space, making sure it is easy to use laptops
  2. A fixed sleeping area
  3. Space for our dog
  4. Lots of storage
  5. Bike rack
  6. Oven and grill

We have decided to drive to dealers to see a large selection of vehicles.  However after visiting 3 dealers within the South East and only seeing 5 vehicles in our price range we have trekked up to Cambridgeshire to look at a bigger dealer.

We found our new home!  It is a Ford Transit Karmann conversion.  It has 39k miles on the clock.  There is U shape lounge at rear and a sleeping area over the cab.

The only issue is that we have a 2 week wait for it to be ready. So we are out of our tent and into a cottage rental in Blakeney whilst we wait.